Saturday, April 10, 2010

if I were a boy...or a girl with some junk

I might or might not have had a little wine tonight, but I was on my way home and in my CD player was something Steve made for the girls. On the CD was a Beyonce song called “If I Were a Boy.”  Twice today I’ve listened to this song and on the way home tonight I was a bit more attentive and I got all up in arms about it.  I’m a girl and am the mother of two girls and I do NOT want my girls to listen to songs like this and get any crazy ideas.  First of all, how come you have to be a boy to roll out of bed and throw on whatever you want to wear? I’m pretty sure I do that every day.  I know I might not be the typical lady, but for the love of God, teaching girls that they need to be all dolled up to leave the house is absurd.  Maybe I embrace my sweats a bit too much, but give me a break.  Then, Beyonce sings that if she were a boy, she’d put herself first because the girl would be faithful. What the WHAT? Come the hell on, people. I know I’m an old lady and I’ve had my share of dumb boy experiences, but this song is officially off limits – no matter how catchy and fun it is to belt out at the top of my lungs after a little tiny bit of wine. 
Seriously, though. I have two sweet baby girls and I will say this – no one did me the favor of telling me it was okay to be strong and cute at the same time. It took me a lot of years to figure that out on my own. Oh, but I did. I was told to be smart and…well. I’m pretty sure I was told to save my money and to not flash anyone.  It’s probably sad that Beyonce Knowles has given me a little push to teach my children how NOT to be. Oh, Mrs Jay Z, your song makes me want to siiiiiing…but not about being a ridiculous pushover.


  1. Yep, just another confirmation of why I don't have any Beyonce save for Bootylicious. Won't be getting any of her crap anytime soon, thanks to this post, either!

  2. I took the song a little different, but only because I was listening to the parts that related to situations I've faced in the past. Reading this and thinking about it in a different light, I think you've touched on something. I was thinking she was talking about women being more attentive in relationships...while that may be, there are plenty of other things said that are flat out wrong...I too love my sweats...and it's definitely a good idea to teach your kiddos that everything they read/ watch/ hear is NOT necessarily the truth.