Monday, October 11, 2010

this is not butcher holler.

I’m completely claustrophobic.  That, and I don’t like to know about other people’s bodily functions.  So, pretty much what I’m saying here is that I would be in the first group of people to leave the Chilean mine this week.  Well, maybe not the first group, but I’d definitely be in the “crazy” group.  Seriously, I’ve taken a sort of sick interest in this story. I mean, it’s terrible to begin with, but there are all of the unknowns that no one seems to be talking about. Like, where do those guys poop? (what? Like you didn’t wonder?) or, what could you possibly talk about or do for TWO months that could be entertaining? Or, has anyone gone completely batshit crazy? Because, really, that is the action that I would love to be in on.  I mean, it sounds really terrible, but really I just want to know what it’s like to be down there. 
I would like to state for the record that I don’t care how much it pays or how much Mountain Dew you can drink, mining is perhaps the most insane profession on the planet.  I’m not going to lie, I honestly think that something must be wrong with a person who decides to go into that kind of work.  What, exactly is it that keeps you going down there every day? I know. I really do – I watch PBS and I know that it’s a great salary for those people who aren’t willing or able to finish school or work in different jobs.  It has to be a huge temptation for those kids.  Wanna know why it pays that well?  Here. Let me tell you.  One day, you will go to work and the way you get to work will crumble down behind you, and you will rely on a device similar to a bank tube to get you out of that mess.  And that’s if you survive.  I’m just saying – mining is just a little crazy.  I feel like maybe, had I lived in the rural south or maybe even in Chile, I might have dated one of those miner dudes in my past life – I do like the crazy, you know.
I know that I’m not saying anything rational or even very nice about this terrible situation – I mean, really? Is there anything rational to say? I’m just saying it’s been amazing to watch.  Sort of like Baby Jessica in that well all those years ago – remember that?  I wish only the best for these poor men.  I hope that this ends up to be a story of hope and of salvation – because it’s been too painful to watch over the past two months for any other outcome.   


  1. And to think they'll be brought up one by one in an enclosed capsule... I wish each one a safe return.

  2. They poop down the hall in a 48 inch ditch that's like 50 feet away. But they've been feeding them food to minimize poop and stink.