Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm taking my heart...

I just looked at this blog and realized I’d not posted anything in exactly one month. How did that happen? I mean, I pretty much know the answer – I’ve been busy and a bit lazy, and frankly – mostly – in a weather and winter related funk. But, a whole month? Even for me, that’s a lot of time to go without writing. And still, I don’t have much to share, but I wanted to say this – hug your family. Tell them you appreciate them and that you love them. In the past 24 hours, enough stuff has happened to make me appreciate the family I have close by, and to make me crazy wishing that the family who is across the country was closer. That’s all. I am serious when I say that this month has pretty much sucked. This winter in general has pretty much stunk it up. I’m ready for warmer weather and I’m ready to not feel like a cloud is following me around. I know. I KNOW. I’m way overdramatic and I have a lot to be thankful for. More to be thankful for than to be bitching about, but this is my blog so I get to choose how much I bitch on here.

I am taking a trip to San Francisco next week to see my sister in law. I never in a bazillion years thought I would miss my sister and my friend so much. I hope when I get home that I have plenty to write about and share on here – good news of travel and of warmer weather and of good friends sharing laughs without peeing their pants or accidentally pushing a baby out.

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