Monday, February 13, 2012


I spent yesterday wondering how or what I could have written differently in my last blog post. It bothered me that I set off such a firestorm of comments and I felt like I hadn’t conveyed my message in the right way. Even though I enjoy making people think and talk, I never intend my words to offend or upset people beyond that. That was yesterday...sleep offered up perspective and today my children are running around in their underwear (inside, of course, they've made a beach in my living room) enjoying the first snow day of the season. I’m done wondering what I could have done differently yesterday because, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.
Today I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day and how much emphasis people place upon it.  It’s always been ridiculous to me, even before I married the guy who earns his livelihood in the greeting card business.  I think about Valentine’s Days past, where we would transform shoeboxes into mailboxes with tissue and glitter and stickers, and we would wait for children to place notes inside.  Later, in high school, I remember watching who would have a carnation delivered during 3rd hour. It was always, in both cases, a popularity contest disguised as something different. I’ve never seen the point in using one day a year to profess your love to someone.  At least I’ve never understood being strong-armed into buying flowers or chocolates or even (yep, I’m going to say it) cards – none of which will last very long.
I’m terrible at showing my love for my husband in appropriate ways. I’m certain he will be the first to agree with me on this. I like to laugh and to poke fun and I rarely tell him in so many words how happy he has made me over the years.  A lot has changed since Steve and I met and in the 11 years since.  The past year or so has been particularly challenging for me. I’m not wholly certain why, but I know I’ve not been the best spouse, or even a very good friend at times.  And I continue to assume that he knows how I feel, even though I often do a shitty job of showing it.  It’s not fair to him, really.  I said last week that anyone who professes love over and over again on the internet is probably lying. I’m not going to do that here for a lot of reasons: mostly because I can hardly do it to his face without turning it into a joke of some kind. That’s just how we do things around here. I will say that it’s never, ever been a popularity contest for us. And I thank my stars for that.


  1.'s better to "force yourself" to say "I love you" than it is to look back someday and wish you had. I'll bet you don't have any qualms about expressing that sentiment to your girls (even though it's a different kind of love). Seems interesting that, as masterfully as you write...those three little words snag you. Heck...say it WITH laughter...and just call it "joy".

  2. Dad. Stop. Warren, thank you - we say a LOT of I love yous around here - to the kids and to each other. not a day goes by when we don't say it several times. and I love hearing it, don't get me wrong - I just think sometimes it's easy to say and not as easy to show. we show it with laughter!

  3. Glad of that, Kate. It's obvious from all the smiling faces on your FB that you have gobs of love at your house! And keep the laughter going...we ALL are entertained by the creative folks that live under your roof! As I've said before...I appreciate your candor and am always interested to read what you write. Even about Whitney.