Wednesday, February 24, 2010

free willy

Ok, people. I’m going to just say this – they are called KILLER whales for a reason. Seriously. Why does a story like this surprise people so much? I don’t consider myself a champion of animal rights, but, maybe I should. I would just like to say that when you keep a wild animal (a huge whale who belongs in the ocean, perhaps) in captivity – problems WILL ensue.  I have been to Sea World, it’s really expensive interesting and I’m sure it’s a great experience for children who aren’t witness to a whale trainer getting eaten by her muse.  I’ve never understood people who can get all chummy with animals – whales, dolphins, elephants…tigers (can you say Sigfried and Roy?) and then are shocked when something tragic happens like this. Also? This is the THIRD time this particular whale has killed a human…when do people think enough is enough? Maybe I should just consider myself a champion of Darwinism instead.

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