Tuesday, February 23, 2010

trying to make sense of some madness

I don’t know what it’s like to be a victim of sexual abuse. I hope I can always say those words with such conviction, but lately my confidence and security has been shaken to the core.  There is a serial rapist on the loose in my neighborhood. He has attacked five women now and seems to be flaunting that he’s still out there – FIVE attacks – and his face is plastered on nearly every street corner. This monster has targeted women living alone and he is coming into their homes by way of unlocked windows or doors. Once, he forced himself inside a woman’s home when she let her dogs out late at night.  It occurs to me that there is nothing scarier than not feeling safe in what is supposed to be your safest place.  I have always been watchful of my surroundings, keeping and eye on things and being careful when I am alone, but now I’ve taken to constantly watching over my shoulder when I’m out.  We have started setting the house alarm even when we’re home – just to be safe.  I hate this.  Rape is the most heinous of crimes in my opinion – all the more disturbing and disgusting because of the planning and details that have gone into what this man is doing.  I can only hope that the police catch this beast before the neighbors do, because I have a feeling they will string him up and tear him limb from limb – as they should.
People, especially women, living in the Waldo/Brookside neighborhoods, here are some good links for information on this case – please be safe and look out for one another: kcmo police chief blog, kcmo police twitter, nbc news story

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