Tuesday, January 5, 2010

two all beef patties

People. Again, I feel it is my place to point out some jive turkey ridiculousness. Someone out there needs to tell me what the hell McDonald's is putting in their nuggets to make people act like THIS when they run out of them. This time in happened right here in KC and the local news is all, "hey! if you see this woman, call the TIPS hotline." Uhhhh. If I were to run into this lady I would run the hell away from her with lightening speed. Are you kidding me?? This chic is not messing around. Does it make you wonder what happened to her that morning? Does it make you wonder what happened to her in her entire LIFE to make her think this was a good decision? This is the reason I'm so torn about watching local news - on one hand, it's so, so, so, depressing and frustrating. On the other hand? Miss it, and you miss some pretty impressive stuff - see? You're welcome!

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